1pc USB-MPI + USB Adapter Cable Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC Programming Interface


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1. 0CB20 is USB to MPI and PPI communication protocol converter, PPI port communication computer’s USB port and support for Siemens S7-300 / 400PLC of MPI’s mouth or S7-200PLC, upload, download programs and data. 0CB20 eight generations of the same Siemens PC Adapter USB, you need to install the Siemens PC_Adapter_USB driver, and then in STEP7 or STEP7 Micro / WIN software “Set PG / PC Interface” and “local connection”, select the USB option (this is called the industry “True USB port”), rather than the earlier product using virtual serial communication (the industry calls this “pseudo-USB port”). With Siemens PC Adapter USB is different, 0CB20 eight generations of the working power is not supplied by the PLC port, and the supply from the computer’s USB port, so you can not have a power generation 0CB20 eight output ports for devices MPI.
2. 7972-0CB20-OXAO is optical isolation for industrial design in USB port and RS485 ports are equipped with surge protection and lightning protection circuitry for Siemens S7-300 / 400 and S7-200 series PLC full range PLC. Particularly suitable for interferences fragile industrial field communication port, the circuit in a variety of protective measures to ensure the safe operation of the system.

1. Support the Siemens S7-200 / 300/400 PLC communications
2. The signal partially isolated by high-speed optical coupling
3. Support for MPI and DP multi-master communication, support Siemens touch screen.
4. Support for multi-master communication 200PLC and ET200 communications, and PPI
5. Support 840D CNC system programming
6. The installation of Siemens original driver, without generating serial, USB direct selection
7. Support WIN7 32 and 64 series, support V5.5 software (no need to install the drive in V5.5)
8. There are soft shell protection, anti-pressure, drop
9. The choice of PTC resettable fuse, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit case well protected internal circuitry
10. Support a variety of high-end communication Siemens PLC
Main parameter:
1. Support 0CB20 eight generations of operating systems: Windows2000/ Win 2003 / Windows XP / Vista / windows 7 32bit / 64 bit
2. Support 0CB20 eight generations of programming software version: STEP7 V5.2 and higher, STEP7 Micro / Win 4.0 and above
3. Full-speed USB device interface, compatible with USB V2.0 specification
4. Power: USB bus powered, power consumption of about 100mA, with overcurrent protection and surge protection
5. Optical Isolation voltage: 1000VDC
6. USB port with anti-surge protection
7. Support for MPI baud rate: 19.2Kbps, 187.5Kbps automatically adapt
8. Support PPI baud: 9.6Kbps, 19.2Kbps, 187.5Kbps automatically adapt
9. Support for long-distance communications, the maximum communication distance of 1000 m (RS485 end, when the baud rate is 187.5Kbps)
10. LEDs with power, data reception indicator, the data transmission indicator
11. Each PC only supports a programming cable 0CB20 Yashiro
12. Working temperature: -20 ~ + 75 ℃
13. Cable length: 5 m
14. Color: Black
15. Material: PVC+Metal
Package Included:
1x 5M Electric Cable
1x Interface Cable
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USB-MPI + USB Adapter Cable Siemens S7-200/300/400 PLC Programming Interface


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