1X Duracell D size Industrial Procell Professional Use Batteries Alkaline


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Duracell Procell Constant D batteries are designed for trade and business customers who expect to use a large quantity of batteries. They are professional alkaline batteries, packed in boxes of 10 to reduce the amount of packaging required. Duracell Procell D batteries are ideal for the likes of engineers replacing batteries in equipment, as well as for use in industries like TV production, sound & vision, hygiene, security, schools, universities, hotels, churches and local councils.

Procell D batteries are the largest of the 4 main cylindrical sizes, also known as MN1300, PC1300 or LR20. Procell D batteries are used by professionals around the world, thanks to their reliable and long lasting power that is expected of Duracell.

  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Capacity: 19,669mAh
  • Alkaline


****Please also note there may be extended area surcharges on the delivery of a car battery depending on the postcode and the courier, one of our representatives may be in contact with you regarding the extra payment required to fulfil your order****


***Although we can recommend a battery for the vehicle you wish to purchase for, we cannot guarantee with 100% confidence that this will be correct as we cannot see or personally measure this for you. It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to double check the measurements and power of the battery against the current sizes of the battery they wish to replace. Battery Group will therefore not be liable for the return cost of a battery purchased incorrectly, even after a recommendation***

If you need help choosing a battery, please feel free to contact us to double check with one of our representatives. If you have any of the following pieces of information, it will surely speed up the process for you: Registration of the vehicle, Dimensions of the battery (length, width and height), capacity of the current battery, CCA of the current battery, technology of the battery (AGM, EFB, Standard Lead Acid).



1X Duracell D size Industrial Procell Professional Use Batteries Alkaline


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